Best Gaming Mouse Under Rs 1000 in India 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


10 Best Gaming Mouse Under Rs 1000 in India 2019

A perfect controller comes along with a console for playing almost any game. But if you buy a PC, you have fewer chances of being lucky to get a good controller. Peak gameplay performance can not be offered by low-cost office mice. 

The gaming mouse in India may be a bit expensive, but they are worth the investment for pro-gamers.

You need to think about your budget and gaming preferences for choosing the best gaming mouse for your play style. You also have to think about the extra features you might be needing. 

Before buying a gaming mouse, it is important to consider the purpose for which it’s going to be used by you. you may need an all-purpose gaming mouse if your laptop computer is your go-to gaming system.

If you use your Personal Computer for particular genres such as MOBA, FPS, RTS, and RPGs, then you consider buying a more specialized gaming mouse. 

For the players who want to tweak every last detail, there’s a tier of premium mice available that are optimized. Such mice can be theoretically used by the novice tournament players. 

For regular gaming cheaper mouse would be sufficient.

Things you MUST KNOW before choosing your gaming Mouse

Well, the top 10 list is based on what we like. This might not suit you, so we prefer you to have a look at all of the details below. That will help you to select your gaming mouse.

Gamers need to understand their choice in games before picking up their gaming mouse. Basically, games are classified into three genres:

  • Real Time Strategy (RTS) 
  • Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) 
  • First Person Shooter (FPS) 

Most gamers like one or two of these three game genres. Some may wish to play every genre and pick up each game that hits the market. 

A gaming mouse like Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum would act for all types of games. Contrariwise Logitech G502 will extremely well at MMO games. 

For instance, you may never get enough of games like League of legends when you don’t have this mouse.

Types Of Gaming Mouse :

There is a big secret about the world of a gaming mouse – There is nothing as a peripheral which only works for 1 genre, irrespective of how a company advertises a gaming mouse. 

The best gaming mouse is the one which feels the most comfortable to use while carrying out a particular task. 

For a single-player fps, an MMO mouse may be an incredible companion. For MMO players who depend heavily on keyboards, an fps mouse may be an excellent choice.

The following are the different types of gaming mouse:

1. Multi-Purpose Mice: the most common type of gaming mouse within the market is the multipurpose mice. an multipurpose gaming mouse is available in all sizes and shapes. There is no special design theory behind an all-purpose mouse as it is equally good at controlling everything from MMO to action/adventure to FPS. This type of mouse can suit you if you want a gaming mouse that is versatile enough for handling the gameplay of a good variety of games.

2. FPS Mice: fps mice are used for games that are first person having a high fps demand. You would need a mouse that is sensitive to quick movements. A mouse that’s optimized for FPS players will have a distinctive “sniper button” beneath the thumb that slows down DPI to line up difficult shots. Whether you play FPS games by yourself, cooperatively or competitively, mice like the Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury ($60, at Amazon) and the Corsair Vengeance M65 ($70, at Amazon) could be just what you need.

3. MMO Mice: an MMO mouse is the most suitable option for fans of ultimate Fantasy XIV, Star Wars: The Old Republic, World of Warcraft and any multiplayer game which is going to be massively hit in the world of gaming without fail within it’s launching year. There are buttons upon buttons on these bulky mice. They are great for down-to-the-second precision and firing off complex skill rotations. Many mice in this type allow you to assign alternate button maps which can be accessed with a finger flick.

4. RTS Mice: For the fans of games like StarCraft II, an all-purpose mouse that’s light on extra buttons will be their perfect companion.

5. Customizable Mice: The best gaming-peripheral in the world is a Customizable mouse! They are quite and flashy high price but is worth the price. You can consider spending cash on these high tuned devices which are customizable if you have a competitive scene to conquer and a great budget. You can customize everything from the feel of the buttons to the angle of the palm rest with the customizable mouse.

These are the 10 Best Gaming Mouse Under Rs 1000 in India (october 2019)


The Logitech brand has been leading advancements and innovation in the office, gaming, and audio technology spaces for more than 20 years.

Full potential is realized by the high-quality products of Logitech as it focuses on the experience.

Logitech’s state-of-the-art, research and development labs design, and tests each piece of all gaming components.

For bringing users the optimal gaming experience, their products are held to the highest performance standards. For matching your system, environment, and style, you can choose their products from a palette of different brightness levels and approx. 16.8 million colors.

By downloading Logitech Gaming Software, you can get access to intelligent illumination in response to the in-game actions, plus one can get access to more than 300 game profiles.

With the Logitech G102 Optical Gaming Mouse, you can be more accurate with your gaming skills by playing to your full potential. This gaming mouse features a new sensor. The sensor is manufactured in Switzerland and designed in the US. The 200-6000 DPI sensor gives an incredible tracking accuracy, speed, and consistency.

The sensor helps to control better, irrespective of the style of gameplay. Due to the accuracy and consistency of the sensor, one can not only start training the muscles by just sight but also with feeling. 

The simple construction and classic lines of the legendary Logitech G100S Gaming Mouse inspired the making of the Logitech G102 Optical Gaming Mouse.

This gaming mouse is loved by gamers worldwide. This mouse becomes a favorite gaming mouse of the top pro-gamers. 

The Logitech brand has remembered for the familiar design, and the inside-out has been optimized for durability, versatility, and comfort. The G102 Prodigy communicates 8 times faster than a normal mouse(i.e. up to 1000 reports per second).

The on-screen response by the mouse is near-instantaneous when it is clicked or moved. The right and left buttons are primed to click by the advanced button tensioning due to which, the force needed to click is reduced. Exceptional click response, consistency, and feel are delivered. This is the best gaming mouse in India.

Pros And Cons:

  • 200 to 6000 DPI adjustable optical sensor.
  • 16.8m LED Light color customizing.
  • 2 Years Warranty.
  • USB connectivity with 2m long cable.
  • 1000Hz polling rate.
  • Tension button system.
  • Programmable 6 buttons
  • The mouse can be connected to a functioning module via the USB cable connection only.
  • Requires good careful use, so as to have the buttons intact.

Red gear products are really popular in India due to good quality products at a budget price.

RedGear Dragon War ELE-G9 is one of the most popular gaming mouse under 1000 rupees in India.

This mouse looks really stylish and offers great value for your money.

The Dragonwar ELE-G9 Thor Gaming Mouse with BlueTrack and Blue Sensor has 7 control buttons. This gaming mouse is ergonomically designed for pro-gamers. 

For creating your custom profiles, the programmable buttons can be assigned your choice of key gaming action.

The 512k in-store memory of this gaming mouse can be used for macro functions. The length of the mouse cable is 1.8 meters.

This gaming mouse has an LED Light. It is suitable for every surface. For reliable transmission integrity, it has a gold-plated USB Connector.

Pros And Cons:

  • Maximum DPI up to 3200.
  • Blue Sensor.
  • 6 Controllable Buttons.
  • Gold Plated Connector.
  • Nylon braided cord.
  • Turbo Fire Key is very hard to reach.
  • The product is quite fragile and requires enormous care.

It is a bit difficult task to choose the best gaming mouse in India. But we have made it simple for you by listing the top 10 best budget gaming mouse. 

The best gaming mouse is the one that gives a comfortable feeling to your hand. Select the best gaming mouse from the above list as per your requirement and budget.

Why Buy:

  • The product comes with seven programmable buttons.
  • Guarantees top notch sensor performance and acceleration speed.
  • The mouse comes with interchangeable DPI settings that allow user customization on it.
  • Relatively good memory space provision for storing custom programs.
  • The Dragonwar ELE G9 Thor is a comparatively cheaper gaming mouse, which also provides great value for money.

3. Tecknet Raptor M268 3200DPI Gaming Mouse :


The Tecknet Raptor M268 mouse is definitely one of those products that continually make gamers appreciate the ingeniousness of game mouse developers.

The apt rugged build of the mouse rightly suggests its specific purpose, hence, this is also a good motivation to go for this product.

Every feature on the mouse points to the carefully implemented standards of the manufacturers, in creating a product that is the user’s delight.

The Tecknet Raptor M268 is a 6D optical mouse, with an inbuilt BlueWave sensor. This product has a reasonable sensor response, which is adjustable to user satisfaction levels of 1000, 1600, 2400, or 3200 DPI settings.

One of the vintage qualities of this mouse is the fact that it supports use on a wide range of surfaces. Hence, you can effectively use it on a surface like glass, paper, wood, etcetera.

The product has a good frame rate of 4000 frames per second, while it comes with six function buttons. In order to facilitate prompt control and maneuver on your gaming, the mouse is intently designed to fit well under the palms.

Other features on this gaming mouse are its tactile movement scroll wheel on the rear of the mouse, as well as its fiber knit connection cable. Note that the cable also has a magnetic ring at the USB neck, while the USB itself is gold colored.

One of the six buttons on this mouse has been designed for possible use, in switching between DPI functions.

Now, while it is likely for people to assume that they can only get the optimum function gaming mouse from the pricier categories, the Tecknet Raptor M268 disqualifies this assumption.

Pros And Cons:

  • High-speed TeckNet engine.
  • 7 LED RGB lighting options.
  • Maximum DPI up to 7000.
  • Braided cord.
  • 8 programmable buttons with integrated memory.
  • The plastic quality is a bit cheap.
  • The buttons on the device are non-programmable.

Most users are impressed with its market price, which still delivers a highly accurate gaming mouse to them. This product would continue to gain a steady market, firstly because of its great price, then because of a matching function accuracy as well.

Why Buy

  • Great attractive and rugged structural design
  • Displays acceptable performance levels, making it qualify to rank with higher priced products- in some regard.
  • This is one of the cheapest gaming mouse products in the best gaming mouse under 2000 INR products’ category
  • It can be used by all categories of gamers- whether amateur or professional, right or left handed.

4. Readgear A-20 RGB with 4800dpi Gaming Mouse:


Again, redgear has won the battle by manufacturing a real gaming beast, a comfortable gaming mouse with numerous features that too under 1000 rupees.

The product comes with a design that suggests its durability, and ease of use structure.

Currently, this is one of the gaming mouses that has continued to receive positive reviews and increasing market dominance.

Not only this gaming mouse comes with 16.8 million chroma LED color customizations, but also it is positively reviewed on Amazon, Flipkart, and other sites.

The main reason behind this great mouse is its affordable cost and best quality. I have seen many gaming mice having the price range above 2k-3k offering the same features and this one even comes with more features than many of those mice.

The mouse comes with a DPI switching structure that reconfigured the mouse’s sensitivity to suit every use situation. 

Talking about its technical details, redgear A-20 offers 7 programmable buttons and the best personalization settings for better performance and more productive work. 

Its main selling point is it’s easy to control (adjustable) DPI which is upto 4800 along with this it is designed for all the grip wheater you are having a palm or claw grip.

It comes with 1.8m long braided durable cable and the best part I loved the most is its RGB color, macros, key binds and dpi customizations. 

With that said, let us have a look at the pros and cons.

Pros And Cons:

  • It was pretty accurate in-games.
  • This is a lightweight mouse.
  • Comes with a RGB lighting.
  • Rubber Coating Is Very Grippy & Comfortable
  • Good Quality Material
  • No doubt this is a heavy mouse.

Why Buy

  • The product guarantees users of top-notch function speed functionality courtesy its 4800          DPI optical sensor structure.
  • Great contour build allows user convenience and effective use.
  • This is a lightweight mouse, which makes it easy to slide and use, as well as convey from          place to place.
  • Comes with a RGB lighting.
  • Quality structure build that is built to last for a long time.

This is one of the best gaming mouse under 1000 INR, that comes with high-value features and general function.

The circle marksman 1 has a solid attractive build, which is essentially crafted out using the best of hard plastic materials.

Gaming users have made this product one of their first choices, because of its portability and high durability. This is one for the product to look out for if you’re concerned about finding the product that is not too huge in structure, but yet excellent in control functions.

Another feature on this gaming mouse, that makes it the gamer’s delight, is its inbuilt memory provision. The mouse comes with a 64kb- which facilitates some of its speed and response tendencies.

As such, this product would output response for every input click, at a speed average of about 0.001 seconds. The mouse comes with six programmable buttons, which have an estimated lifetime click that is put at about 10 million clicks.

The best noticeable features on this mouse, are its adjustable five-speed DPI structure. Hence, users can switch between either 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000 DPI.

The mouse has a maximum acceleration 10G, as well as an RGB color loop transformation infrastructure. A connection of the mouse to a functioning structure like a CPU is carried out using the mouse’s 1800mm braided wire. 

The Circle Marksman 1 is one of the few mouses under 1000 INR, which is complete in every way. The product has a measurement dimension of about 124.3mm ×71.9mm × 41.3mm.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The Circle Marksman 1 Ultra Fast Gaming Mouse.

Pros And Cons:

  • Switch between either 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000.
  • Inbuilt memory provision.
  • RGB color loop transformation.
  • The mouse is relatively heavier than some other products.
  • It does not come with a very remarkable lighting effect.

Why Buy:

  • Great structural design that makes it easy to grip and use, as well as an impressive solid           black appearance.
  • It comes with five level DPI speeds adjustment.
  • Five of the mouse’s six inbuilt buttons are programmable by the user.
  • Suitable for use on a wide range of game types and formats
       Provides you with real value for money.

6. Redragon M601 CENTROPHORUS-2000/3200DPI Gaming Mouse :


Redragon M601 CENTROPHORUS-2000/3200DPI Gaming Mouse proves that it is a competitive gaming mouse in the world of gaming accessories. 

This gaming mouse performs its task in microseconds, the speed you deserve! It has 6 buttons which have a slightly larger surface area than other gaming mice.

The DPI switcher is located at the center and it is impossible to miss it. The resolution can be toggled up or down by the DPI button. This helps you in going from fast twitch to pinpoint accuracy when you need it while gaming.

A hidden chamber is placed in the palm of this gaming mouse. It holds up to eight 2.4g weights. For avoiding the overshooting of targets in stressful moments, add extra weight.

You can also add extra weight for reducing hand jitter on frictionless surfaces. For having better control over the mouse’s momentum, remove the weight. It also allows for quicker motion.

If you are a pro-gamer, then you will abandon gaming later due to your fingers and wrists being destroyed by carpal tunnel and arthritis ( you might be even sacrificing your sleep for training and competing). But don’t worry as this gaming mouse will give a good grip to your fingertips

Pros And Cons:

  • Red backlight display.
  • Five Programable Buttons.
  • Full compact design.
  • Easy user grip and movement.
  • Some users have complained of little hitches with button clicks.

Why Buy :

  • Full compact design and contour, for easy user grip and movement across surfaces.
  • High sensor response output for all gaming activities.
  • The mouse is highly durable and is a better option over some other products of the same         price category.
  • Quality red backlight display, to give you an optimum gaming experience.
  • Comes with five programmable buttons, as well as onboard memory space.

7. Cosmic Byte Neutron Optical Gaming Mouse :


Cosmic Byte Introduce some really good gaming accessories from gaming mouse to keyboard and gamepads at a budget price.

 I used there products like the gamepad and gaming mouse and I loved it. 

Cosmic Byte Neutron is a really good pick that comes with great features and RGB lighting.

When it comes to comfortable gaming, the mouse should have an anti-slip feature.

This mouse from Cosmit Byte has a surface that is treated with a distinct anti-sweat even though it comes at an affordable cost.

It has anti-slip texture to make sure that you can gain a better grip and most importantly comfort for long hours of gaming.

Pros And Cons:

  • Quick Thumb Buttons.
  • Nylon Braided Cable.
  • Stylish look and solid build quality.
  • 6 Controllable Buttons.
  • Gold Plated Connector.
  • You cannot turn off the LED when you do not use it.
  • No software to adjust keys settings.

Why Buy

  • Inbuilt weights help to add better coziness and accuracy in gaming.
  • The mouse is designed in such a whey that stable distribution of weight and better grip.
  • With the quick thump buttons, forward and backward becomes easier when browsing.
  • At this price range it offered 3000 DPI which is something awesome.
  • Does not have software to change the settings based on user preference.

8. Xmate Zorro Pro 3200DPI,RGB, Wireless Gaming Mouse :


Xmate Zorro gaming mouse can be a solid choice for them who are looking for a good looking mouse. 

This gaming mouse is one of the coolest mice in the list of Best Gaming Mouse Under 1000 In India.

It has four colour RGB breathing light which gives this mouse a futuristic look.

It has 6 programmable buttons which you can program with simple and easy software. But you can’t program these buttons if you are using a Mac.

It has 4 DPI Levels
4-type of DPI levels controlled by touching the DPI button.
red indicates 1200DPI, blue indicates 1600DPI, green indicates 1600DPI & purple indicates 3200DPI.

Xmas Zorro wired USB gaming mouse is made of a leather collar, ABS plastic, and rubber finish with plate-mounted mechanical keys and switches that stand up to tough gaming needs.

6 mouse buttons can be programmed by software which makes this mouse more intelligent.
for the different games, you can set different commands on demands for different games. It also supports macro editing

It is more secure and precise, the transmission distance can reach 10 meters (33ft approx). Virtually no delays or dropouts. No need any driver, just plug and play!

It has 7 LED light colors which are adjustable with the change of the DPI which can bring you pleasure as a gamer. It can be used for a long time without fatigue.

Built-in 600mAh lithium battery, you can charge it with our USB charging cable. On a full charge, you can enjoy a battery life of about 7 days.No need to code just plug & play.

It has passed 10 million times the keystroke test to guarantee extra durability. This wireless mouse will be in sleep mode in 8 minutes of inactivity and waken up quickly by pressing any button

Xmate Zorro Pro Gaming Mouse is compatible with all versions of windows and other OS. This gaming mouse can handle tough gaming needs.

Pros And Cons:

  • 6 Buttons Are Programmable
  • 2.4G Wireless Transmission
  • Ergonomic Cyborg Design
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Intelligent Connectivity
  • 1-year warranty
  • can’t program buttons using a Mac.

Why Buy

  • 1-year warranty from the date of purchase by the end customer.
  • 7 LED light colors which are adjustable.
  • 600mAh lithium Rechargeable battery.
  • 4 adjustable DPI lavels.

Zebronics Alien is a sensible choice for a budget gaming mouse. It is attractive in design.

It has a metal frame structure with Ergonomic rubber material for a better grip. It houses 6 buttons for additional utility.

It comes with up to 2400 DPI levels which controlled DPI switch technology.

It has sensible energy saving, smart scroll wheel, and high precision. It claims to offer 5 million strokes life with a DPI of 2400. If you’re trying to find a stylish gaming mouse in the budget section, you can consider this.

Zebronics has a huge list of the most effective gaming Mouse under Rs 1000 and this is one of the cheap alternatives amongst them. The device has an attractive appeal and not just in looks but also on the basis of its features.

It has a metal frame structure that boosts the grip while handling. Ergonomic rubber material allows the mouse to operate on most surfaces with ease.

It has a golden colored USB and houses 6 buttons for additional utility. The main feature of the device is its optical tracking and 5 million strokes life with a DPI of 2400.

 It comes with a DPI switch. You can toggle it between (600/1200/1800/2400)DPI for a different game setting.

If you’re trying to find a comfortable, cheap and stylish gaming mouse, then this is what you need.

Zebronics is a known brand in India for Computer accessories and I use Zebronics alien gaming mouse for almost 6 months and I’m amazed by the performance. It fits very nice in my hand and all the buttons on the mouse ar easily accessible except DPI Button.

It uses an Optical tracking sensor and a DPI from 800 to 2400 which is great in this price range. I really like the Optics used by zebronics in this alien mouse tracking is fast and responsive. That Zebronics alien gaming mouse costs only RS.600 which is bang for the buck at this price range.

Pros And Cons:

  • Great Build Quality.
  • DPI 800/1200/1600/2400
  • Wired/Wireless Wired.
  • Cable Lenth1.8m.
  • LED lights.
  • Warranty 12 Months.
  • DPI level is ow for hard core gamer.

Why Buy:

  • Build quality is great.
  • 1-year warranty from the date of purchase by the end customer.
  • LED light colors.
  • adjustable DPI lavels.

Logitech G90 is one of the most stable and trusted mice on this list. If you are looking for a mouse that you want to use for a long time just go for Logitech G90.

This is a basic optical Logitech G90 gaming mouse that features the Delta zero sensor technology and has a sleek design.

The Delta zero sensor technology ensures a quick response, better precision and a high level of accuracy.

The 2500 DPI resolution will ensure quick cursor movements with a slight push of the mouse.

The lightweight design of the mouse with its ambidextrous shape makes it comfortable and easy to use for both right and left-handed users.
For better performance mouse allows in-game sensitivity switching.

A low 2-millisecond report rate of the mouse provides high speed performance without any lags.

The mouse comes with 1 year warranty.

Pros And Cons:

  • Delta Zero sensor technology.
  • Maximum 2500 DPI.
  • Comfortable ambidextrous shape.
  • In-game sensitivity switching.
  • 2-millisecond report rate.
  • Lightweight design.
  • No RGB Light.
  • No braided cable

Why Buy

  • Mouse provides high speed performance without any lags.
  • It had Delta zero technology.
  • Good price, can even be purchased by non-gamers.
  • Works well on all versions of Windows, including 10.1
  • Since it’s a Logitech brand, there are several centres all over the country.
  • The mouse comes with 1 year warranty.

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