Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboards under Rs 2000 in India | October 2019


Are you finding out the best Gamming Keyboard under Rs.2000

Do you have the curiosity to know about the Best Gaming Keyboard Under 2000 INR to buy in 2019?  You can easily Find out now in this definitive list with our detailed review.

Currently, we have games like Conflict, Call of Duty, World War 2 ,GTA 5, Apex, PUBG PC and more. Nevertheless, these games require skill to be able to play them and the right gaming equipment to improve game skills.

A gaming keyboard is a perfect gift that can be given to all kinds of people who love to play games.

What exactly makes a normal keyboard to a gaming keyboard?

Most of the innocent peoples don’t even know what the difference between a normal keyboard is and a gaming keyboard that’s why I decided to tell you a little bit about that first.

  • Ergonomics – All the gaming keyboard has some type of armrest below the keyboard which helps you to play for a longer period of time.
  • Backlight – As we all know gamers love to play in dark that is why all the gaming keyboards have RGB backlighting for good gameplay.
  • Polling Rate – Gaming keyboard has a much faster polling rate than normal keyboard which helps to reduce response time which helps you a lot while action-packed games.

So, these are the differences between a normal keyboard and a gaming Keyboard. But if your budget is a bit low check out List of Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboard Under Rs. 1000.

A keyboard is an essential tool to playing an easier and smoother game, giving you a better advantage of winning the game if used the way it should be.

The gaming keyboard offers you more comfort when playing your games with it, and eases some of the concerns you would have if using a normal keyboard.

The keyboard comes with a lot of keys that help improve your skills as a gamer. The Macro buttons especially make customization of the gaming keyboard easier. Another added advantage of the gaming keypad is the backlight.

Apparently, the backlight on the keypad ensures better game control and coordination especially when it is dark.

The gaming Keyboard is an advanced way of meeting your advanced games, and it is also a step up from using regular keyboards. With this gaming keyboard, you can still perform the functions of the normal keyboard and have new and improved functions on the gaming keyboard.

There are lots of gaming keyboards available for sale in the market, but this article will concentrate on more budget-friendly gaming keyboards in the market that perform just as good as very expensive gaming keyboards.

These are the Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboards under Rs 2000 in India | (Nov 2019)

RedragonKarura K502 USB Gaming Keyboard is a Best Gaming Keyboard under 2000 View on Amazon The gaming keyboard offers high speed, high controls, and high response gaming keyboard. 

The backlight has seven colors that include; red, green, dark blue, yellow, light blue, purple, white, and no light option.

The braided cable also has a gold connector which is thick. The material of the keyboard is matte, and the dragon logo makes it different and good. 

It is also very nice to have different colors to match up with your mouse especially.

Features :

  • Build Structure High Quality Plastic
  • Number of Keys 104 Keys
  • Key Type (Mechinical/ Normal) Normal
  • Wired Keyboard
  • Numeric Keypad Yes
  • RGB Backlighting 7
  • Switchable Backlight Colors
  • Switch Life 10 Million Keystroke
  • Weight 0.59 kg

Almost all of the keys on the keyboard has even lighting except one key; the backspace button.

The keyboard has a solid construction and it has soft touch keys that do not make a lot of noise, though the keys are separated a bit.

The enter key has a different design than most keyboards which makes it to put in our Best Gaming Keyboard under 2000 INR 2019 list.

This keyboard is good for someone looking for an entry keyboard with backlighting and at an affordable price.

Pros And Cons:

  • The keys are very soft.
  • It is a very good Quality RGB.
  • IT offers 7 different colors to choose.
  • Braided Cable and Glod plated usb.
  • The key response is not that great

The keyboard looks good as a budget-friendly keyboard and it is not very expensive. It is quite heavy compared to an ordinary keyboard.

The USB is secured nicely and it is gold plated and braided.

Circle Battle Pro LED 7 Gaming Keyboard Best Gaming Keyboard under 2000.

The cable is high quality and will not get damaged easily. The overall keyboard is good. On the back of the keyboard, there are two stands for the keyboard to rest on. The keyboard is very minimal and has many functions.

The keyboard is mechanical and would last a very long time. It is bulky and you can switch the colors of light easily. The keyboard is also very great for typing and it is very durable.

Features :

1) This is a basic gaming keyboard with 19 Anti-Ghosting keys and 11 Multimedia Hotkeys.

2) It has Semi-Mechanical keys with different height keycaps for better gaming feel. It has an independent Windows Lock Key too.

3) It has a waterproof conductive film, almost 6 feet braided cable, and is tested for 1 Million Keystrokes.

4) It has 7 colour LED backlight to match every setup.

5) Overall, this is the best keyboard.

The Mi Basic comes with a 10mm neodymium driver inside that sounds loud and clear with distinct vocal clarity.

The level of bass is OK to say the best and it doesn’t overshadow the mids and highs in genres of music such as EDMs and hip hops.

However, if you’re a die-hard bass head, we advise you to consider other models listed in this article.

The in-line mic works well and delivers HD quality voice calls.

Pros And Cons:

  • Good RGB customization options.
  • Waterproofing is present at this price.
  • Varying heights keycaps make gaming easier.
  • Build quality is mediocre.

3. Redragon Asura K501 Gaming Keyboard :

The keyboard has a dimension of 8.3 inches in length, 19.7 inches in width and 1.2 in height from top to down. 

The weight is 1.8 pounds. The keys have a rubber-like comfort.

The lock button lets you lock the Windows key so you do not have to press it when you are gaming. 

 The keyboard has all the function keys. F1-F8 are media keys. F9-F12 is productivity keys. The 7 different backlights is blue, red, green, yellow, aqua, white and no backlight. 

You can adjust the level of brightness as well, including the brightness speed. Redragon Asura K501 Gaming Keyboard Best Gaming Keyboard under Rs 2000.

Features :

1) The K501 is a gaming keyboard with 104 ABS Keycaps for better performance and durability.

2) It has seven different colors backlit keys, backlight brightness levels, and breathing speed is adjustable by the user.

3) It has 104 standard keys including 8 programmable macro keys and 12 multimedia keys.

4) 32 conflict-free keys anti-ghosting (n-Key Rollover), best for gamers so even if you press many keys simultaneously while playing. All of them will register.

5) It comes with a 6ft nylon braided USB cable and Gold Plated Connector.

6) A very good keyboard for the price. (Waterproof design)

There are four keys on each side of the keyboard. The bottom of the keyboard has four rubber feet and the top has two flip-out keyboard feet that raise the keyboard higher.

The body of the keyboard is glossy, and tell keys are matte.

The holes at the back of the keyboard drain water from the keyboard. The red dragon logo glows when the light is turned on.

There is a knob on the control backlight brightness. The quality of the keyboard is good for the list.

The cable is braided and should be more durable. The keyboard is also not too loud.

Pros And Cons:

  • Good RGB customization.
  • Waterproof Design
  • 32 conflict free keys anti-ghosting keys.
  • 6ft nylon braided USB cable.
  • Not Much.

4. MSI Interceptor DS4100 Gaming Keyboard :

The keyboard is a membrane keyboard and it does not have any mechanical features.

At the back of the keyboard, there are two noticeable rubber feet that prevent the keyboard from sliding off around the desk during gaming sessions.

The keyboard looks solid and had a slim fit compact frame.

There is a big red line between the keys and the rest, and the color cannot be changed. The keyboard is lightweight, plastic and very flimsy.

Typing on the keyboard is really good, quiet and textile. This keyboard is very similar to Redragon Karura.

1) The keyboard looks solid and has a slim frame.

2) The keyboard is easy to use and offers less noise when typing.

3) The key placement on the keyboard is spacious.

4) Braided cable with Gold plated USB connector.

5) It has multimedia keys and & color LED backlight.

The keyboard offers no macro functionality or personalization. It offers RGB lighting and 7 color breathing mode.

The colors are red, green, blue, yellow, teal, cyan and white. The colors are very bright. The keyboard is worth considering despite its limited functionality.

Pros And Cons:

  • 132
  • 123

Another Best Gaming Keyboard Under 2000 Rupees is cosmic Byte CB-GK-12. 

It comes with Neon Rainbow Backlit with adjustable brightness and modes can be controlled.


This is a full-size keyboard with full size 104 keys and each key is tested for more than 50 million operations.

It has many reasons to buy due to its specifications such as Rainbow Backlit, 3 Level Brightness, 10 Backlight Effects, 3 Level Backlight Speed Adjustment, etc.

Features :

1 ) The Cosmic Byte CB-GK-12 is a gaming keyboard with number of keys 101.

2) It has different 7 Color RGB backlit keys, backlight brightness levels are adjustable by the user.

3) Build Structure Aluminium Body and key type (Mechinical/ Normal) Normal.

4) It has wired keyboard with numeric keypad.

5) Cable Length 1.6 mm.

The mechanical keys are Blue-Switches which provide tactile & audible feedback while typing, gives you a satisfying feeling.

Pros And Cons:

  • Aluminium Build Quality.
  • Rainbow LED Backlighting with 10 Effects.
  • Palm Rest is great.
  • Not RGB

Features :

1) once you have a full mechanical keyboard with blue switches, then writing will be a joy.
2) It comes with anti-ghosting 104 Keys. N-key change, that allows multi-keys to work at the same time with high speed and accuracy.
3) Although it’s not an RGB keyboard but it does have 7-color backlight (each row has a different specific color), 6 preset lighting effects.
4) The switches are clicky Outemu Blue switches that deliver correct, responsive key commands when writing and gaming.
5) Overall it is a very good deal for the price.

Pros And Cons:

  • Highly durable.
  • 50 Million keystrokes life.
  • Mechanical Keyboard.
  • Not RGB, though lights up well.
  • Loud clicks ( But maybe that’s what you need)

7. Redragon Harpe K503 Gaming Keyboard :

This is a membrane keyboard and not a mechanical keyboard that does not really require a driver. You just have to plug it in and it works. 

The color options are available and you can adjust colors easily by doing a breathing effect and controlling the speed of the colors. 

The keyboard has 7 backlit colors and the brightness can be adjusted. The colors are not too bright but a bit dim.

The feel of the keys is okay. They are not too loud and they are harder to push down, but not mushy. 

Features :

1)  The keyboard is not loud and easy to press. 

2) Dedicated media keys on top of the keyboard.

3) The keyboard has 7 backlit colors.

There are dedicated media keys on top of the keyboard that do not also need a driver.

The power button on the keyboard can turn the computer off. There are rubber standoff on the back of the keyboard. The end of the USB cable is a bit long.

Pros And Cons:

  • 25 mkey rollover
  • 20 multimedia keys
  • RGB backlight
  • USB port Adjustment speed.
  • The lighting of the keyboard is not bright.

8.Cooler Master Devastator 3 Gaming Keyboard :

When it comes to the PC Components and the peripherals particularly the PC Chassis and the PC Cooling, the name of Cooler Master needs no introduction and they are among the top-notch manufacturers. 

They carry the diverse lines of the products ranging from the power supply units, Chassis, air and water coolers, fans, keyboards, mouse, headsets etc.

Cooler Master Pakistan has sent the United States of America their Devastator 3 for the review.

The Devastator three may be a combo of the keyboard and the mouse. And currently, with 7 totally different led color options, you can customize your peripherals to match your hardware.

Features :

1) The best-known brand in pc peripherals, the Cooler Master Devastator II is a USA imported “Mem-Chanical” keyboard. It means that it has a “Mechanical Feeling” Membrane keys.

2) it’s a 125Hz Polling rate, with extra multimedia keys, and approximately a 5 feet cable.

3) It has a 7 Colour LED backlight. Keys are tactile keys for improved feedback. While the keycaps on the keyboard are laser etched and grip coated for negligible wear and optimum functionality.

The Cooler Master provides 2 years of warranty on the Devastator 3.

The top side has a typical keys layout starting with the Escape key followed by the F1 to F12 keys grouped in 3 sets each of 4 keys.

The Cooler Master keycap on the left side of the spacebar acts as windows key and can be toggled with the combination with the Fn key. The spacebar has a line etched in the middle to reflect the lighting effect.

Pros And Cons:

  • Tactical keys feel good.
  • 2 years waeeanty.

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